Generic Introductions

As my first blog post I thought it best to introduce myself, I’m Lauren Teale. I am a Forensic Psychology at Leeds Trinity University and have a part-time job at a Tesco Express store in Leeds.

From an early age I knew that I wanted to work within the criminal justice system, mostly in the police or prison service. As my knowledge widened within this area I knew that I wanted to work in the prison service as a Forensic Psychologist. My interest spans from documentaries, to books, to my education and I am now looking to include experience in this area as preparation for a career within the prison service.

Working at Tesco for the past two years has developed my confidence, people skills and most importantly, given me so many amazing friends. Working within a large Tesco store allowed me to face situations and deal with people that I may not usually come face-to-face with in everyday life. Tesco has given me so many skills and experiences that I am thankful for and it is great to have a part-time job that I enjoy. I hope to work here as long as I am studying and gaining experience in other areas relevant to my aspiring career.



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