Level 4 Assessment Overview

During my course at Leeds Trinity University I have undertaken a variety of assignments for each module of my course. The level 4 Forensic Psychology Course consists of 7 modules in which individual assignments are required:

  • Cognition and the Brain
  • Psychological Approaches to Personality and Intelligence
  • Ethics, Society and Employability
  • Psychology of Social Issues 1
  • Research Methods in Psychology 1
  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology
  • Program Level Assessment

In this post I will review my personal experiences at level 4 in regards to the assessment aspect of the modules and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses within each assessment.

Cognition and the Brain

This module combined two key area’s of psychology; cognitive psychology and biological psychology. The lectures were taught separately with few links between the different area’s focused on. A 2000 word assignment for cognitive and an exam for biological, directed learning activities (DLAs) were assigned each week by either lecturer.

DLAs were given each week, alternating between cognitive and biological and six out of the eight set had to be handed in in order to receive the 10 marks towards the for them. Personally, I thought that these DLAs were the most difficult than those of other modules, perhaps because I struggled at first with the terminology used. I think moving on to level 5 I need to dedicate more time to these activities across each module and ensure each activity is completed to hand in each week.

The biological exam was a challenge due to exams not being the strongest type of assessment for me. I began my revision in good time of the exam, I used a biological psychology text book that used diagrams and illustrations which really helped my understanding, piecing it all together and allowing me to draw links between concepts and ideas. Rewriting my notes using this book was my main way of revision and when the exam came around I felt confident in my revision, yet still nervous. The exam itself went well (I hope) and I came out of it feeling good and thankful it was over! The results from the exam are yet to come back.

The final assessment was a cognitive report, the preparation within the lecture was fantastic with detailed lecture slides to assist the writing of the report. The study itself was carried out two months before the report was due, which looking back I wish I had have used to my advantage. I feel more time was needed on my report, and moving forward I will begin my report in good time, doing small chunks of it at a time. When I had completed the report I felt happy with it as I could see where I am improving and becoming more confident in my writing. Again, the feedback is yet to come back.

I enjoyed this module, especially the biological aspect of it. The lectures within biological psychology were intriguing and I really developed an interest in this area. I am looking forward to moving onto level 5 to see what this brings and whether my interest develops further before choosing my options for level 6. To move forward in this course I definitely need to read widely, make notes around the subject areas and really engage in the cognitive aspect of the course.


I got 67/100 for the exam which is a 2:1 and only 3% from a 1st! I was extremely happy with these results, however it is a shame that I didn’t put as much effort as I perhaps should have done because I believe that I am capable of getting those high marks. Moving forward I will revise more and perhaps in more creative ways such as post it notes, condensing down notes into memorable information. 

I also got 78/100 for the cognitive report which is a high 1st class mark, and 2 marks shy of an exceptional 1st. I was absolutely over the moon with finally getting the results that I am wanting and can now use this report as a basis for all of my other reports, perhaps as an example for future reports. Honestly I wasn’t expecting such a good mark due to the lack of time that I actually spent on the report and personal issues that I had going on in the time. For my future reports I will definitely spend more time on them following this success and create a plan of the assignment. 

Psychological Approaches to Intelligence and Personality

The module was split into 

Ethics, Society and Employability

Psychology of Social Issues 1

Research Methods in Psychology 1

Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Program Level Assessment

Assignment Word Cloud


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